CULTURE IS SHARED: Budaya adalah dibagi


(Conrad Phillip Kottak, Mirror For Humanity: A Concise Introduction To Cultural Anthropology, Fourt Edition, (New York: McGraw-Hill: 2005), hlm 41-42)


Culture is an attribute not of individuals per se but of individuals as members of groups. Culture is transmitted in society. Don’t we learn our culture by observing, listening, talking, and interacting with many other people? Shared beliefs, values, memories, and expectations link people who grow up in the same culture. Enculturation unifies people by providing us with common experiences.
Culture Is SharedPeople in united state sometimes heve trouble understanding the power of culture because of the value that American culture places on the idea of the individual. Americans are fond of saying that everyone is unique and special in some way. However, in American culture individualism itself is a distinctive shared value. Individualism is transmitted through hundreds of statement and settings in our daily lives. From TV’s Mr. Rogers to parents, grandparents, and teacher, our enculturative agents insist that we are all “someone special.”
Today’s parents were yesterday’s children. If they grew up in North America, they absorbed certain values and beliefs transmitted over the generations. People become agents in the enculturation ot their children, just as their parents were for them. Although a cultural constantly changes, certain fundamental beliefs, values, worldviews, and child-rearing practices endure. Consider a simple American example of enduring shared enculturation. As children, when we didn’t finish a meal, our parents reminded us of starving children in some foreign country, just as our grandparents had done a generation earlier. The specific country changes (China, India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Somalia, Rwanda—what was it in your home?). still, American culture goes on transmitting the idea that by eating all our Brussels sprouts or broccoli, we can justify our own good furtune, compared to a hungry Third World child.
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